The site presents a comparative constitutional analysis
of the system of constitutional review in more than 150 countries
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The author describes different models of constitutional review and the bodies that hold this special and exclusive decision-making power on constitutional matters. It classifies the constitutional review bodies as special bodies responsible for protecting the constitutionality for which they hold a certain legal superiority in relation to other branches of power.

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The site includes

Tables of comparative constitutional review in:

English, French, Spanish, Slovenian, Russian
World map of comparative constitutional review

Statistical charts as per:

  • Type of Court / country
  • Type of Court / population
  • Type of Model / country

Some lectures concerning the respective fields of research
Legal Sources

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The lectures concern different issues of the knowledge and techniques of national systems of constitutional review. A comparison of certain topical views could add to the analysis of sources of a national democratic process and culture. Accordingly, it could have direct applicative value in the search for systemic solutions in different countries.

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